Far from Marina, in the rain, paying homage to Kalaignar
                                                                                             Written by                     E P Unny
             | Pollachi |       
                                                     Updated: August 9, 2018 7:33:09 am                                                 

                                                         At Ramapatinam, on the Pollachi highway

The non-stop rain adds to the outcomes. Already indispensable tension has constructed up on the Kerala facet of the border ever since the news broke. All americans looks to anticipate excessive public nettle, provoked severely by the ruling Dravida occasion that showed neither grace nor tact, attributes the Dravidian account in focal level wielded lethally.
On the border, Tamil Nadu police stop us. “No automobile with a Kerala amount plate can rush. Any individual could pelt stones.”
Why particularly Kerala? And that’s when it impulsively dawns that you simply is doubtless to be coming into the grieving zone from the fatherland of Kalaignar’s simplest buddy-turned-worst enemy. The unhurried M G Ramachandran was from these ingredients. It is thirty one years since the actor-baby-kisser died and ratings are silent waiting to be settled for his non-Tamil starting up attach? The police hiss that on a day cherish this, any ancient thing can procure performed up. After a miniature little bit of persuasion, they sooner or later agree to enable us to “into the first mile to source without reference to and rapid have the first U-turn”.
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Into the first several miles, one finds nothing, now no longer a soul to talk to. Handiest extra rain and the highway, largely abandoned but for the occasional dashing SUV with the headlights on. The first impress of mourning is a wayside portrait of Kalaignar, garlanded, and standing in lovely isolation.
Mounted and sheltered from rain most elegantly, it is far a far verbalize from the dilapidated overwhelming kitsch. A portrait with minimal photo-shopping, blown up right ample for look-stage viewing. It is attach aside alongside with indispensable dexterity, largely from recycled stuff that functions a flex banner that promotes a 3G WiFi.
You withhold seeing extra such adequately decorated portraits as you procure into the town of Pollachi. All gaze abandoned and stand silently in the rain. Irregular for this reason of the image and the declare are seldom far in Tamil politics. Those huge wayside box speakers, lined up to serially blare rhyme and motive, are missing. Not even the outlandish curvy one tied to the pole.

It is now no longer as even supposing the colossal cover writer who rewrote Tamil politics is lowered to a ‘silent’ by the wayside. There could be huge regard. The few you dash into, largely DMK loyalists, procure now no longer indulge in any doubt that there will doubtless be no chief cherish him any time soon. Stalin? “He’s exclusively correct-attempting but Kalaignar is peerless.” They are all going home for lunch and can preserve assist, glued to TV to contemplate about what’s occurring in Chennai.
Nearly each DMK functionary from here you strive to meet has already left for Chennai for the interment, the full intention down to municipal councillors. Clearly, the occasion doesn’t must localise this tournament too indispensable. The seasoned cadre-primarily primarily based outfit knows the technique to procure measured mobilising. Its subsequent colossal test, put up-Kalaignar, is the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.
The police were defective. Kalaignar is never any mere son of the soil. World Tamil chief is how he’s described by the few posters you contemplate about with some text. The emphasis is on language that flows, now no longer terrain that binds.

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