Mamata pens poem on NRC
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                                                         Mamata Banerjee

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee Monday penned a poem, titled “Identity”, slamming the BJP govt over the Nationwide Register of Voters (NRC) ache. She published the poem on social media in Bengali and later shared its translation in English.
By her poem, Mamata additionally criticised loads of policies of the central govt. In the poem, she wrote, “What’s your surname? Your father’s name? What language raise out you be in contact? What’s your faith? What raise out you eat?…. What’s your identity? Where raise out that it’s essential to even be living? Snort us or else you’re a traitor.”
The third stanza of her poem refers again to the exclusion of 40 lakh of us from the final draft of NRC in Assam. “Who’re you? Whom raise out you make stronger? Personal your old five generations been registered? What raise out you wear? Create which that it’s essential to bask in Gobar-Dhan memoir? If not, that it’s essential to even be an infiltrator. Create you listen to ‘Mann ki Baat’? Create you write in opposition to the ruler? No? It’s essential to be an illegal immigrant,” she wrote.
The executive minister additionally attacked the Centre on the ache of lynching and beef ban. “Are you a Dalit? Are you a Christian? Are you a minority? Where raise out you crawl? You don’t make stronger Ravana? You then crawl to solitude,” she wrote.
Mamata claimed that being anti-govt is being belief to be as being anti-national. “Create the energy of the ruler? Create the agencies of the oppressor? Are you vocal in direct? Are you in opposition to the ruler? So that it’s essential to even be anti-national,” the poem said.
“Our occasion chief is additionally a poet. What better approach than to direct than with any such poem which highlights the ruler as the oppressor. We know who she is relating to. It turn out to be once throughout Hitler’s regime that such an autocratic rule turn out to be once seen. Individuals living for 30 years or 50 years are being instructed that they are going to not be any more electorate of this country. Our occasion chief and we’re protesting at the Parliament, on the streets and now thru her poem. There’ll deserve to bask in been a dialogue about the ache, as a change 40 lakh of us bask in been instructed they are going to not be any more our electorate,” said Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar TMC Lok Sabha MP instructed The Indian Explicit.
BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha accused the chief minister of her ‘dual requirements’. “In 2005 Mamata Banerjee highlighted infiltration in Bengal in Lok Sabha. Why doesn’t she write a poem about that? When she need votes she sides with infiltrators. This is the dual requirements by the chief minister, “ he said.
Mamata’s final published poem turn out to be once in 2016, in opposition to demonetisation. She had earlier penned poems on anti-land acquisition agitation in Singur and wrote a e book on her experiences in the Nandigram crawl.

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