Spying on whales: The shocking truth about humans and whales
                Regardless of centuries of business whaling, we all know astonishingly miniature about the supreme creature that ever lived, argues a brand fresh e book by a leading cetologist                 

                Humpback whales behave in ways we're most attention-grabbing starting to uncoverEspen Bergersen/naturepl.comBy Sandrine CeurstemontWHALES would per chance perhaps also as successfully be aliens. They stay on the comparable planet as us but we seldom circulation paths: hidden within the ocean depths, they proceed to be mysterious.

Elevate their dimension. Blue whales are the supreme species that has ever lived, exceeding any dinosaurs. The heaviest reliably measured specimen weighed 136.four tonnes, more than the load of a Boeing 757 at contrivance shut-off. Intriguingly, their ancestors were a lot smaller. Why did they evolve to be giants – and how originate they engage ample meals to sustain themselves? …

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