You don’t choose a captain and then choose a team: Derek O’Brien

From campaigning in opposition to demonetisation to voicing its criticism of the National Register of Electorate (NRC) in Assam, the Trinamool Congress has taken the lead in rallying in opposition to the Narendra Modi government. In this interview, TMC leader Derek O’Brien, who’s a member of the Rajya Sabha, says the NRC is a national conducting, calls the BJP a “non-starter” in West Bengal, and explains why he thinks the BJP will lose in 2019. Excerpts:West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been criticised for asserting that the NRC exercise could possibly possibly additionally end result in a “massacre and civil war”.She didn’t pronounce there could be a civil war. She said that if a scenario love this continues, it could possibly possibly additionally end result in a civil war. Folk are twisting her words. The full conducting is a grimy, devious political conception of the BJP. It is no longer about Assam on my own. It is about Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar and many other States. It is a national conducting. The BJP desires to polarise India. Indian electorate can no longer be refugees in their very possess nation. Unfortunately, the BJP is [indulging] in doublespeak. At one dwell, you’ve got gotten the Dwelling Minister telling Parliament that it is handiest a draft listing and that it could possibly be revisited. After which you’ve got gotten senior BJP leaders, at the side of the occasion president, thumping their chests and calling those excluded in the NRC listing as “ghuspetiya” or unlawful. The reason all this happening is since the BJP is conscious of that its time is up. It’s the usage of all these considerations for its possess devious political features.If it is a inquire of of humanity, why did the West Bengal government no longer provide legacy files for the NRC exercise, which could possibly possibly additionally agree with saved many from exclusion?Right here’s no longer about legacy files. No Pronounce government used to be consulted. How attain they prove leaving out Army personnel, educationists, bureaucrats? It is an conducting that desires to be dealt with very tactfully. Dwelling Minister Rajnath Singh said in Parliament that some on social media are attempting to stoke communal passion. He is simply. Who’s stoking communal passion? It is the BJP and the RSS.At some stage in her sleek focus on with to Delhi, Ms. Banerjee said that the BJP could be “done” in 2019. What’s your occasion’s self belief per?Our self belief is per handiest one inform: the of us of India. I’m absolutely obvious that the of us of India will know that they gave this Prime Minister a tall chance in 2014. The BJP used to be just appropriate — and peaceable is — by manner of advertising and marketing, marketing and propagating false files. On the opposite hand it has failed on offer. There could be a tall advertising and marketing guru, David Ogilvy, who said that the easiest inform to attain is to sell someone a product. So the BJP sold this achhe din belief in 2014. Ogilvy additionally said that what’s extra complex is to form a particular person eliminate the same product a 2nd time. It is the same conducting with the BJP. They sold achhe din in 2014 and everyone believed them. We don’t want to help till 2019; the of us of India agree with already made up their minds. In Bengal, the Trinamool Congress will shatter them; they’ll lose in Odisha; M.K. Stalin and the DMK will defeat them in Tamil Nadu; they’ll meet the same fate in Andhra Pradesh; in Bihar, Lalu Prasadji will attain the job; in Karnataka, the combination of Kumaraswamyji and the Congress will attain them. As a scholar of politics, I judge the BJP will handiest organize a hundred and fifty [seats].The BJP has been asking ‘Modi versus who’ in 2019. Will a collective Opposition leadership be the resolution to the occasion’s presidential-fashion campaign?The last time I checked the Structure, it used to be a parliamentary democracy, so the put is that this presidential assemble coming from? For their very possess consolation, they [the BJP] could possibly possibly additionally want to pitch it as any assemble of government, from dictatorship to presidential. I judge leaders of my occasion and many other parties agree with made it certain that the Prime Minister could be made up our minds after the elections dwell. All these love-minded parties will attain very successfully and we are able to purchase once the BJP and Mr. Modi are eliminated. For us, the overall agenda is to take in of us’s considerations. We want to raise support the India we love. Not a divisive India, no longer an India the put promises are no longer delivered. It is no longer about who will buy the election. India can purchase in 2019.Ms. Banerjee has taken the lead in the campaign in opposition to the Modi government on quite loads of considerations and has made frequent journeys to the capital. Is she positioning herself as a top ministerial candidate?Along with her 25 years of expertise as an MP, twice as Chief Minister, with her expertise as a Cabinet Minister, and forty years of wrestle, Mamata-di doesn’t want to traipse round in Delhi with her CV. Her observe epic, expertise, acceptability with everyone, and expertise to rearrange relationships will play a necessary characteristic. We are love the squirrel in the backyard. The squirrel does reasonably heaps of labor and is necessary for the backyard. We are no longer chair-looking.Map you look Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the motive force’s seat in an Opposition alliance? What could possibly possibly be the Congress’s characteristic in 2019?It is no longer about other folks. India desires the BJP-RSS government out. That is the level of curiosity now. By propping names you handiest divide the Opposition. Not one in every of the ideal leaders in this unbelievable collection of federal parties is hanging up their fingers to be Prime Minister. Specialise in it, we’re speaking about this in August 2018. Could possibly you’ve got gotten imagined this kind of conversation after the U.P. elections, the put despite the demonetisation jumla, the BJP did so successfully? The momentum is no longer with the Opposition parties, it is with love-minded parties. In 2014, the ideal ally of this government used to be the Shiv Sena. In 2018, in the no-self belief circulation, did they vote for the federal government? No, they didn’t. The 2nd very most realistic ally of the BJP, the TDP — who did they vote for? Not handiest did they no longer vote for the BJP, they were those to lunge the no-self belief vote in opposition to the federal government! To me these are the two greatest takeaways from the sleek political scenario. Every occasion can agree with a characteristic, it is no longer about one-upmanship. You don’t purchase a captain after which purchase a physique of workers. We are a successfully-balanced physique of workers, the put there are all-rounders, opening batsmen and bowlers. I’m asserting this on memoir of Mamata-di additionally appears to be like at life love this. The Congress too has a necessary characteristic to play in the States the put it is proper — love Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh.How does the wrestle between your occasion and the Left parties play out in this collective leadership?We can work magnificent the fashion we attain in Parliament. The identical spirit of floor coordination can occur birth air Parliament.There agree with been complaints that the Opposition home is frightened within Parliament. How severe is the scenario?Establishments are necessary. What’s India with out its establishments? If its establishments are below risk, we’re in staunch hazard. Parliament is a form of establishments. We are no longer right here to sit down down down and bitch. The TMC will, along side everyone else, offer protection to these establishments. There are obvious procedures, tips and conventions which ought to be strictly adhered to. We will no longer enable Parliament to expose accurate into a non-public yard of the BJP.From bank frauds to Rafale, the Opposition has made quite loads of allegations of corruption in opposition to the Modi government. How assured are you that these allegations will stick?Corruption is an conducting, nevertheless it is largely an urban conducting. There are bigger considerations. I name it JUDGE (jobs, underperformance, demonetisation, GST and the economy). Sure, that you simply would be capable to offer you the option so that you simply have to possibly add ‘c’ for corruption additionally. For sure, the bigger conducting that folk could be is offer on promises. I’m able to offer you 500 examples of how the Modi government has failed on this memoir, nevertheless I will restrict myself to 2. One, in 2014, the Modi government promised to double farmers’ incomes. In 2018, they pushed the slit-off date to 2022. Even for doing that, agriculture has to develop at 12%; at sleek, we’re growing at a rate of 2%.2d, the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ programme is one in every of the tremendous-designate projects of the Modi government. Whenever you undercover agent closely, the total budget since its inception is ₹700 crore, it comes to some ₹A hundred crore per yr and that comes to ₹3 crore per Pronounce. What number of ladies’ lives agree with they touched? Now come to the Bengal government’s Kanyashree. It has touched the lives of fifty lakh ladies and has a budget of ₹5,500 crore for a single Pronounce. Love-minded parties want to regain the message all over that the Modi government has failed to care for it up its promises.With the growing influence of the BJP in West Bengal, it appears that it is dictating the agenda for the Trinamool Congress too. Your occasion adopted the BJP’s instance of removal a Ram Navami procession. Is your occasion additionally peddling comfy Hindutva?Our social welfare and pattern schemes are no longer for Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains; they’re for the 10 crore of us of Bengal. That is the reason we did so successfully in the Meeting polls. We are no longer following their agenda the least bit. We now agree with an determining of Bengal, its culture, its ethos. The BJP is a non-starter in Bengal. I’m no longer going to comment on who comes 2nd or 1/3. Their price of bilious politics does no longer relate Bengal. We are no longer those that took out the procession with swords. We can focus on this ad nauseam, nevertheless if the BJP used to be so factual, why did they buy handiest three seats in the 2016 Meeting polls? How come in every bypoll in the last two years, their tally has gone down?Your occasion has been combating corruption charges from Sarada to Narada. Will it no longer cast a shadow on the occasion’s prospects in the 2019 polls?Sarada and Narada are all over. The cases were a end result of political vendetta. These cases were there in the 2016 Meeting elections. What came about then? We got right here support stronger making improvements to our tally. Whenever you throw mud on Ms. Banerjee’s white saree, it does no longer stick. Folk agree with identified her for forty years.All the love-minded parties agree with been mulling over soliciting for the Election Price to interchange EVMs with pollpapers. Wouldn’t you be utilizing our democracy in reverse instruments with this lunge?Know-how can’t change democracy. The technology needs to be A hundred% foolproof. When we regain to the scenario that’s A hundred% foolproof, then it is absorbing.