Meditation may slow down progression of glaucoma, scientists believe

Meditation might perhaps perhaps perhaps well also forestall or behind down the leading assemble of blindness, a brand unique look for suggests.

Glaucoma, affects 500,000 other folks in Britain and occurs when a create-up of tension within the eye compresses the optic nerve.

On the change hand till now scientists had no longer thought to be that the tension might perhaps perhaps perhaps well also very neatly be resulted in by stress.

When scientists asked 45 glaucoma sufferers to strive mindfulness meditation for an hour a day for three weeks they chanced on that the tension in their eyes reduced by 25 per cent  in comparison with sufferers who caught to eye drops.

Reducing of eye tension is the handiest confirmed therapy for glaucoma and is currently achieved via eye drops, laser therapy of surgical treatment. Equal drops in tension personal been…