Q: Ben, if we would moreover open up with you, huge to maintain you with us. Very rainy and wet this morning. Each person is conscious of you maintain been running your fresh ground because Romain Grosjean urged us the day past. Were you ready to acquire to grips with it?

Ben Agathangelou: I have confidence things maintain been sure already by the quit of Spa to be unswerving, so right here within the wet we’re not going to reach that noteworthy extra this morning, so we’re taking it as a on condition that things are behaving as we noticed by the quit of Spa on one vehicle.

Q: Record us too in regards to the connection you maintain with Ferrari. Immense upgrades to the potential unit this one year and also you the truth is appear to maintain benefited in many ways from Ferrari?

BA: Clearly it’s a huge power to maintain Ferrari as a companion and we profit clearly from the engine. The engine has made a huge step this one year and I have confidence we maintain been ready to employ it, presumably not so noteworthy so within the past. We’ve completed a ravishing quantity of our maintain pattern, the firm is rising, so we’ve managed to extract from all aspects of the funds.

Q: Thank you Ben. Mattia, transferring on to you: huge victory for you and the team at Spa final weekend. The put obtain you mediate your profit over Mercedes lay?

Mattia Binotto: Sophisticated to answer to. I’m continuously extra fervent to explore on the total equipment and not strive to split it into assorted factors. I have confidence the adaptation to Mercedes overall became very little on the quit. They’ve been on pole in quali, so that they’ve been the quickest vehicle, as a matter of reality, and I have confidence that within the rush our stagger became very the same. With the plan to strive to distinguish if there is a piece distinction, the put it’s coming from, is a extremely hard exercise. Our equipment is working smartly as a complete, from the aero, from the chassis, mechanicals and the potential unit and I have confidence that as smartly in phrases of pattern we are all passionate about all of the areas.

Q: Now it became this stage final one year that Mercedes began to stretch its legs within the championship fight. Is Ferrari in an even bigger map now than it became one year within the past?

MB: No doubt we are in an even bigger map when put next with ourselves, to open up with, and if I defend in mind Spa final one year, for example, we weren’t as competitive as we maintain been this one year. I have confidence that for the reason that very open up of this season, for the reason that launch of the vehicle, we mentioned and we said that we focused our pattern in phrases of efficiency and to be obvious that that our vehicle would possibly presumably maybe moreover compete on medium-like a flash circuit varieties and I have confidence that by hook or by crook we maintain completed it. On circuits the put efficiency is necessary, relish Silverstone, relish Spa, we bought ravishing results and I have confidence that can moreover be a ravishing shocking for the relaxation of the season. So as soon as more, when put next with final one year, I have confidence we are able to depend upon a vehicle, which is certainly greater in efficiency today. There are unruffled eight races to head, so it’s unruffled long and it will be a long and hard fight.

Q: Thank you Mattia and ravishing success this weekend. Aldo, we’ve heard in regards to the Ferrari exclaim, how obtain you and Mercedes assess what Ferrari maintain completed this one year? Live you’re feeling they’re noteworthy closer to you than within the past?

Aldo Costa: As Mattia became announcing, the 2 autos are very, very close. Yeah, we would relate closer than within the past. You mentioned in regards to the final part of the season final one year, the put we stretched our legs; obviously we hope to stretch our legs as soon as more. Nonetheless we must witness if Ferrari will allow us to acquire that. It’s a extremely close fight. Development on pattern, every rush, and we can raise on introducing fresh efficiency parts and we can raise on rising the efficiency of the vehicle as noteworthy as we are able to up to the final rush if truth be told.

Q: You maintain gotten offered that you’re stepping down as engineering director from the team on the quit of this season, but you’re going to live as an guide. What does that aim entail, and the draw in which engaging will you be with the racing team going forward?

AC: It became, as you would possibly presumably maybe imagine, something that became mentioned a long time within the past. After having loved an overwhelming quantity the abilities in Mercedes within the sizzling aim – seven years within the UK, if truth be told, if truth be told unbelievable – I did search files from the team to open up being not within the identical map, having a piece extra time for myself, for the family, encourage to Italy and we stumbled on collectively, discussing collectively, as soon as more a possibility for assorted of us to develop up, to construct the team, so this is what I’m doing, as well to the sizzling aim – rising the organisation, rising of us, team, mentoring, and by the quit of the one year my predominant fresh aim will be, as you said, technical guide of the team. I will work for James, I will work for my fresh insist document that can develop up in phrases of accountability and I will raise on mentoring and I will raise on taking part with the team, rising skill, rising route of, but a piece less engaging from the timing point of explore. In my explore after 31 years of System 1 it is the actual compromise for me to care for up on being very completely engaged but as smartly, on the non-public, finding greater equilibrium.

Q: And further time, as smartly, to indulge to your passion for riding System 1 autos?

AC: Yeah, yeah! That’s a rising passion. I’m part of the Mercedes senior driver programme! It’s valuable to maintain a neighborhood of driver for the Zero.33 age of the future, on legend of the field population, the common age is rising. Joking apart, I’m playing plenty riding autos. Mercedes gave me a gargantuan opportunity and a chum of mine, who you know very smartly, Paolo Barilla, gave me one other opportunity to envision heaps of autos, so yeah, it’s a extremely fine second, a fine abilities.

Q: You are by no draw too extinct, Aldo, so ravishing success with all of that. Simone, so, technical director of Sauber for the reason that initiating of July. How’s it going? How’s existence in Hinwil?

Simone Resta: Effectively, how’s it going? I have confidence it’s going handsome noteworthy. I’m cosy with this fresh rush that merely began to initiating out with of July. I apologise if I expose heaps of emotion, but fresh job, technical director right here in Monza, in our country, is merely plenty! With heaps of pals, with Aldo, who became my first boss at Ferrari, with Mattia, who has been a huge colleague and a boss only within the near past and also with Ben. It’s plenty, but I feel very cosy with that and I have confidence my abilities within the Sauber-Alfa Romeo team that began to initiating out with of July, I accumulate it very entertaining, a brand fresh exclaim in a assorted aim, there is plenty to be taught but it completely is a ravishing step for me, for my profession.

Q: The team is making heaps of growth this season. How competitive obtain you mediate you’re going to be within the upcoming races?

SR: If I became ready to read the future doubtless I’d obtain something assorted. Joking apart, the pattern up to now has been ravishing. I have confidence it’s ravishing to relate that we are slowing down our pattern price for the time being, and we are concentrating mostly on subsequent one year’s vehicle, which is a gargantuan exclaim but additionally a gargantuan opportunity for us to shut even further the gap to the gargantuan ones. I’m hoping we would be progressing a piece bit within the subsequent races and that we’d be closer and closer to Q3 with every autos.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Mattia, earlier this one year we had the FIA’s aspect of things when they maintain been going by the Ferrari engine checks, merely to be obvious that everything became OK. They had all their working out of the vitality recovery system, that create of thing. Would possibly maybe maybe you merely give us your clarification of how sophisticated it became to meet everything the FIA wished – and are you cosy that you maintain now ticked every field that it is advisable to and also you’re OK for the relaxation of the season?

MB: Clearly, the potential unit is a advanced element and it has been since 2014. FIA is totally attentive to our parts and it is our accountability as smartly at any time when FIA is not completely, let me relate, overjoyed that there is something ravishing or corrupt for them to scrutinize, to imprint greater. I have confidence it’s merely what occurs on the time there is some questions: we answer; we expose and I have confidence that’s what occurs. That’s it. FIA completely is cosy, declaring our vehicle correct at each rush, and on our aspect, indubitably, completely cosy at seeing the point is fully closed by them.

Q: (Edd Straw – Autosport) One other search files from for Mattia. Whilst you took over your fresh aim, Ferrari became having a tough season in 2016 – but we’ve considered fine growth since then. Are you able to merely expose, briefly, how Ferrari has managed to flip around from that hard map into its fresh map. This upward trajectory. And merely expose barely your philosophy of the draw in which you exertion technical management to the team to acquire that result.

MB: Within the open, I have confidence it’s ravishing to relate that our team, in phrases of folk, is terribly solid. We’ve bought very high abilities; it’s an overwhelming team in that admire, whatever are the areas. And from the potential unit to the chassis and to the aero. I have confidence what we’re benefitting the final seasons is certainly balance in phrases of the organisation, which in F1 is terribly valuable, because by the steadiness by hook or by crook you would possibly presumably maybe moreover merely bid heart’s contents to location down a strategy of working, give a enhance to your procedures, your interior route of. I have confidence, relative to myself, I’m completely not an educated in all of the areas. 25 years of abilities in F1; huge time with Ferrari on the rush monitor within the time of Michael Schumacher but continuously as a power unit man. After I grew up in that final aim I have confidence what for me what became valuable for me became to location the needs but to be obvious that that the of us maintain been cheerful in their aim, understood the interior route of and work greater not finest as folk but as a team. And the put we’ve focussed all of the exertion is, I have confidence, to be obvious that that the team became working properly as a team, and forgetting in regards to the folk. And that’s why, as soon as more, I have confidence we are serious in regards to the vehicle as a completely equipment, and not strive to split down in phrases of assorted parts or models because we are a team and what is running is not a power unit or a fly but a stout vehicle. So, as soon as more, all of the exertion became to scheme the team as a team and web page the ravishing needs, address them, strive to be ambitious. I have confidence that’s by hook or by crook what occurred within the final two years.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces, Racefans.secure) Gentleman, this morning Michelin confirmed that they would possibly presumably maybe moreover not be tendering for the tyre dealer contract, they normally gave as one of many explanations the incontrovertible reality that targeted deterioration goes against their needs for a sustainable and smartly-engineers tyre. As engineers, how obtain you’re feeling about that statement. All of you.

BA: OK. I have confidence we are able to witness that the nature of the tyre that we currently rush, everyone can witness the nature by which racing is governed by the traits that we inherit. Clearly, it’s been an enormous evolution within the sport over the final four or five years with admire to working out and managing how we create employ, and strategic employ of the tyre behaviours that we accumulate. I have confidence within the raze I will’t talk for Michelin’s motivations: they’re a huge firm, I’ve completely worked with them within the past they normally maintain been bigger than able to turning in what their location needs maintain been – bigger than that I will’t talk on their behalf. No doubt, we’re merely within the industry of developing most entertaining employ of what we’re given.

MB: Very hard to acquire and to statement. I know that the FIA goes by the tender; they are doing it by themselves and maintain started the technique and are surroundings the targets. We maintain not been all in favour of the matter. So, with out being engaging, hard to if truth be told to give a judgement, but I have confidence as Ben supposed. So, it became merely mentioned that if Michelin does, by hook or by crook, create their different, completely they’ve long gone, for them, what’s the actual different.

AC: My view is that we are in entrance of this frequent discussion between what’s the actual for the expose and what’s the actual for the efficiency. In fact, for the efficiency, particularly of tyres, and the sizzling wretchedness is not the actual, but for the expose, in step with the work that has been completed, the discussions that we maintain completed for heaps of decades, this became the pattern that the technique neighborhood and the F1 neighborhood wished to head. So then I have confidence we want to outline the needs, the needs must be defined by the authorities or on the quit by the of us who are part of the technique neighborhood and if for the ravishing of the expose, the ravishing of the sport, we must engage a obvious route, the single tyre manufacturer has to practice. There must not any assorted probabilities, if truth be told.

SR: We merely be taught it now. All I will relate is that we’ve bought heaps of admire for Michelin historical past, for their memoir, for their know-how and also for their option. And if their technique is not (inaudible) with the F1 industry mannequin, with the route we’re attempting to construct, I feel sorry for that but it completely’s one of many cases that two roads can’t meet every assorted one day.

Q: (Sam Collins – RaceCar Engineering) There’s been talk within the media in regards to the 2019 technical guidelines having an edifying bigger rear fly than became within the open proposed within the draft guidelines which maintain been amongst all of you up to now. Is it a piece unhurried to create modifications relish that and the draw in which would it not impact the steadiness of your vehicle?

SR: I have confidence it doesn’t explore to be a dramatic substitute. In fact, having the foundations defined as early as that you would possibly presumably maybe imagine helps all of us to merely lay down the (inaudible) of the vehicle and work rising it but within the raze I have confidence everyone has bought a gargantuan engineering neighborhood within the encourage of us and we are able to adapt to it and practice it. And particularly in a case relish that the put it’s completed for the aim of security, so that you can give a enhance to the protection of the motive force.

AC: Yeah, the modifications that we are seeing for 2019, I have confidence they maintain been rather final minute modifications but we are good to construct a vehicle in one of these time physique so it’s not a gargantuan exertion per se but the exertion would possibly presumably maybe moreover merely near from the incontrovertible reality that if they’re going to be effectively serving to what’s the aim, which draw bettering overtaking and bettering the aptitude of the vehicle to practice, we can must witness if the route that we wished to engage is precisely what we can reach.

MB: Relative to your search files from, is it too unhurried or not for one of these substitute, first we want to be unswerving: you can’t substitute the guidelines if there is not unanimity from all of the teams. Certainly the team maintain approved it draw that by hook or by crook we are ready to care for up watch over and to (inaudible) the bogus so it’s not something that is imposed, it’s something that we are discussing by the technical working teams and we are all agreeing by our vote, so it has been approved so whatever substitute, approved or not, draw we are accepting, we are ready to (inaudible).

BA: I have confidence that particular particular person instance is entirely one of many within the draw in which that exchanges happen between the teams and the FIA and actually, with admire to the rear fly particularly, though it became rather unhurried, there became a ravishing quantity of dialogue that preceded it that certainly investigated different routes of accelerating visibility, relish reducing the rear fly field prime. There became a frequent consensus that because pattern had been below draw, we maintain been going by a fly that match a particular field and the incontrovertible reality that it shoots up by 50mm isn’t a sport-changer, so the maturity, in case you relish, that precedes a option is ravishing and we’re all acquainted with that, we’re all occasion to that.

Q: (Dominik Sharaf – Motorsport-Complete.com) Mattia and Aldo: Liberty Media said that the 2021 engine guidelines would possibly presumably maybe moreover be delayed because there is not sufficient curiosity by fresh manufacturers but all of us know that Porsche, for example, is calling forward to a final option and a final model of the guidelines, to deem on their System One mission. So who obtain you mediate would possibly presumably maybe moreover merely unruffled commit first: is it System One or fresh engine manufacturers?

MB: Clearly having fresh manufacturers is continuously a ravishing thing so if we are many and further manufacturers there’s extra preventing within the championship which is something which is ravishing. By 2020 the Concorde Settlement is accomplished and by 2021 we maintain the opportunity to maintain a brand fresh location of guidelines on which we are working, alongside with the FIA and F1 Administration. I have confidence that obviously it’s not a matter of delaying or not, it’s a matter of surroundings something for 2021 which is necessary. Discussions are on-going, we’ve bought frequent conferences and I have confidence that for the time being we are by hook or by crook near outline what we mediate is the actual compromise or the actual resolution for 2021.

AC: So my view: what we maintain bought for the time being I have confidence is a huge power unit, it’s a extremely very efficient system, very unusual in phrases of layout, rather progressive. So if truth be told making something greater, ruling something greater is not that easy. There has been barely heaps of conversation about it and transferring correct into a route and then coming encourage. This can engage time to outline something greater for the sport and sadly if fresh manufacturers want to return, they are very very welcome but there is nothing else than competing with the sizzling principles if the foundations will care for the identical or unruffled looking out forward to extra time for the fresh formula. There’s no assorted possibility.

Q: (Christian Menath – Motorsport-Magazin.com) Aldo, it looked relish Mercedes started with the stronger vehicle to initiating out with of the season but I have confidence it’s ravishing to relate that the final races, even for the outcomes didn’t continuously expose it, Ferrari had the greater vehicle. By which areas obtain you mediate Mercedes became out-developed by Ferrari?

AC: Yeah, between rush to rush, there is continuously a variability of efficiency that is connected to many many aspects: create of circuit, tyre management, key efficiency element of the vehicle itself. So there is for sure… when two autos are very very close in phrases of overall equipment, you’re going to witness anyway a variability. So we express we are very very close. We obtain not express we maintain been particularly faster and we obtain not express we are particularly slower. As I said, it’s merely a matter of variability of races. We witness that Ferrari has completed gargantuan growth within the potential unit and we witness that we maintain bought two autos which would possibly presumably maybe moreover be rather the same, every very competitive and as I said sooner than, it will be a matter of introducing extra pattern, solving extra complications and being on the quit the actual vehicle, not making mistakes, having ravishing reliability will be key because not many results obtain we lose with out impacting the final result, if truth be told.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces, Racefans.secure) Aldo, talking about your option about becoming an guide to the team, I know that you’re carrying a white shirt but in case you wore a purple shirt, Rory Byrne did something very very the same the put he moved out, became an guide. Is that your blueprint for this, the put you’re going to effectively engage on a Rory Byrne-model aim for Mercedes?

AC: By utilizing formal plan, presumably sure, yeah, one of these create of plan but myself and Rory maintain two assorted experiences, we’ve bought assorted areas of impact so we are assorted but extra or less something relish that.